These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Simplex Business Solutions, and our products. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics. These FAQs will often link to more detailed information.

What is IBS?
IBS means “Integrated Business Solution.” It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that consists of multiple enterprise software modules, with each focusing on one area of business processes and can communicate for ease of information distribution within the organization.
What can IBS do?
IBS integrates important business software which allows organizations to manage and automate their processes.
What are the specific advantages of using IBS?
  • Users are able to apply their functional expertise with the system user friendliness environment to tailor processes and applications in a way that improves performance.
  • Users gain access to information instantly at any point in time from the applications for accurate and faster decisions.
  • Improves organization growth and expansion with the ability to view records from several branches of the organization regardless of the location.
How safe is my data with IBS?
Each application on IBS connects and stores user’s data in tested and reputable database which makes it very secure and safe for a very long period of time while the data is in use.
Can IBS cover my specific industry requirements?
IBS is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which has been designed to meet a wide range of business process requirements and specifics.
How much does IBS cost?
Contact us at info@simplexsystem.com or check the ‘Contact Us’ page to see other media to reach us.
What is the minimum number of users IBS can accommodate?
IBS can accommodate as many users as possible, as long as they have the access rights to use the application(s) on IBS.
What level of support is given to IBS?
For level of support available for IBS, visit our Services page and see our Support Tiers.