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Integrated Business Solutions

Integrated Business Solutions (IBS), the umbrella name for Simplex range of applications, is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution in which one application sits on the other: every transaction in one application flows into another. For example, Accounting transactions performed in any application flows into General Ledger (GL) through MoneyBook.

Benefits that accrue from this integrated platform are:

  • Prevention of issues of data redundancy
  • Prevention of duplication of efforts
  • Prevention of error replication

Applications in the IBS include but are not limited to:


Investment Management

The Simplex Investment Management Solution is a combination of Moneytor, Borrowings and Loans Applications that ensures that all investments across platforms are accurately monitored for performance expectations–transactions, all forms of processing, enforcement, forecast, portfolio management, cash forecast, returns and termination.

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Insurance Solutions

The Simplex Insurance Management Solutions comprises Mediguard, MultiPlan and GroupLife; and performs all basic insurance processes, policy and services: activation, claims/encounter processing, pre-authorizations, alterations, capitalization generation, underwriting, decision, printing of policy documents, agency management, disbursement, deposit refund and more.

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Accounting Solutions

The Simplex Accounting Solutions, Galaxy, is made up of General Ledger (GL), MoneyBook, Beacon, Fixed Asset, Inventory, and Petty Cash. These provide quality solutions via processing–Budgeting, journal, account allocation, import & export, approval, payment, schedule, lodgement, reconciliation, inter-bank transfer correction and more.

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