Simplex provides services that positions your business for prompt and excellent delivery. Our total services to our clients leave them satisfied, because their bottom-line is increased and their core purpose achieved.

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Customized Software Development Service

Simplex delivers cost-effective and reliable software solutions tailored to your specific needs, whatever your industry. Our clients are assured of value added applications that help them deliver on their promise.

Our applications come with relevant upgrades at required intervals based on customer requests or our projections of client needs.Our customized range of solutions are Web and Windows based.

Training And Development Service

Simplex Training and Development Service is conducted on a two-pronged platform:

  • Implementation Stage Training: During implementation, training events, part of project deliverables, are organized in form of tasks. These are user/technical resource deployed in client development to ensure effective usage of applications for effective solutions.
  • Post-Implementation Specialized Training: Customized/Specialized training are training events organized on client request as part of a continuous improvement and development efforts to drive maximum performance.

Implementation Service

Our implementation is PMI structured with detailed processes required for a successful project management from end-to-end. It involves five stages:

  • Initiation: This stage involves the project ‘start-up.’ The business problem is identified, the solution agreed, project formed to produce solution and a project team appointed.
  • Planning: At this stage, project benefits and costs have been clearly documented, scope defined, project teams appointed and formal project office environment established. Then detailed planning to ensure that the activities performed at the execution phase are sequenced, resourced, executed and controlled.
  • Execution: The execution phase is where the project deliverables are physically constructed and presented to the client for acceptance. A number of management processes are also undertaken to ensure that projects proceed as planned.
  • Monitor and Control: The project team under the project manager, produces deliverables, implements a series of management processes to monitor and control the activities being undertaken.
  • Closure: Following the completion of all project deliverables, objectives met, and client acceptance obtained, the project is ready for formal closure. We conduct this last phase formally for the full realization of the business benefits by the client.

Maintenance And Support Service

Simplex software maintenance service is a three-tier all cost effective after sales regime that we provide to clients who request same. Support solves usability issues for clients as well as supply updates for bugs and others. Maintenance agreements take effect at the client’s request 6 months after project sign-off.